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  • Global Ethernet switch and router market outlook forecast
    Date:2015-12-17 Views:1398
    With the growing demand for business, as well as the arrival of the era of Internet of things, to further stimulate the growth of the global Ethernet switch and router market. However, this growth is not as strong as the software defined network SDN, but relatively flat growth. According to market research firm and Markets Research is expected to 2020, the average growth rate of the global Ethernet switch and router market is 4%.
    Global Ethernet switches and router market outlook forecast to 2020 global Ethernet switches and router market average growth rate of 4%, the data center is the main part of the current and future period of time to promote the growth of Ethernet switches and routers, mainly because of the increasing demand for cloud based applications, as well as large data analysis needs of growing strong, so the pace of building a data center. And in addition to data centers, operators class Ethernet, business and campus network also has a greater demand.
    According to analysts expect, 10GE Ethernet port will be upgraded with the network of enterprises and parks, in the short term will show a high growth trend; at the same time, 40GE and 100GE ports will continue to go higher. Of course, the impact of 2.5GE/5GE, 25GE/50GE will also be followed, the market may also be a new change.
    But analysts stressed that 10GE Ethernet will not be significantly affected by the 40GE and even 100GE commercial, is expected to 2020, 10GE Ethernet in large enterprises, parks, data centers, service providers and other areas will also occupy 52% of the market share.
    Look at the world, the number of current Ethernet switches and routers of the equipment is very much. And taking into account the importance of these two core network equipment, analysts recommend to the supplier's product quality, technical strength, innovation, service capabilities, distribution capabilities, brand reputation and other aspects of comprehensive consideration
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