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  • Launch the world's fastest USB wireless network card
    Date:2015-12-17 Views:1297
    DWA-192 wireless network card, which are spherical appearance very suction eye specifications, using the latest IEEE 802.11ac wireless network protocol, the compatibility of all brands of 802.11ac wireless router, wireless transmission speeds of more than 2T2R AC card up to 50% efficiency.
    DWA-192 Wireless AC1900 USB D-Link wireless network card supports 2.4G and 5G dual band, in the 2.4G mode, the maximum transmission rate of up to 600Mbps, 5G mode is up to 1300Mbps. DWA-192 uses the USB Micro 3 interface and AC SmartBeam Advanced technology to build 4 antennas to enhance the quality of the desktop computer / notebook computers, and to form a more accurate and more accurate beam radio signals, improve the overall wireless transmission rate. In the era of multimedia streaming, so that consumers can enjoy the ultimate smooth online games, online TV, multimedia audio and video download video transmission fun.
    "Internet technology is changing rapidly, and digital convergence has become the trend of the potential. Major telecom broadband industry to create a multi digital network new environment, and actively launch all kinds of fiber-optic Internet access rates, including 100M, 300M, 200M and even the future is expected to launch 500M broadband. Due to this trend, many consumers have gradually home devices to upgrade to the fastest 802.11ac, but found that the device is unable to play the fastest transmission efficiency, the main reason is that the lack of the same speed of the wireless network card. In view of this, D-Link accelerate the product launch process, leading the industry launched the world's AC1900 3T3R PTZ dual band USB wireless card DWA-192, compatible with all brands of 802.11ac wireless router, which can greatly improve the transmission efficiency and the rate of wireless home consumers.
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