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  • A gigabit network card
    Date:2015-12-17 Views:1387
    Information technology innovation, big data behind the powerful force. Merrick then flew well-known manufacturers in R & D, production and sales of own brand products to fly Merrick, after years of efforts, Merrick flew from the only single card light port Gigabit Ethernet, double port Gigabit Ethernet, to the development of new products has increased double port Gigabit Ethernet port, four port Wan Zhaoshuang card, card, card sending one-way, one-way receiving card desktop computer special card and other new products. One of the thousand single light mouth 10001PF is excellent.
    12.12 Gigabit NIC 10001PF stand up promotional activities
    Single port 10001PF
    As the company's flagship product, flying merrik card is a natural focus of everyone's attention, whether it is Gigabit LAN (10G2BF-SFP+), one-way transmission network card (1G2PF571-SFP), FTTD card (1GPF583-SFP), or a single gigabit optical interface (10001PF), Gigabit dual optical card (10002PF and 10002EF, and 1G2DB580-SFP). Dual port Gigabit Ethernet (10002PT and 10002ET), four port Gigabit network card (10004PF) and other products are tailored for the best.
    10001PF features of Gigabit single light:
    1 high speed and stable rate
    2 good compatibility
    In line with the IEEE802.3 standard, the two LC standard interface is automatically adapted to the 1000Mbps rate, full / half duplex mode, the most recent X1 PCI-E and X16 PCI-E bus interface board, compatible with a brand server;
    3 use simple
    Easy to use, simply plug it into the corresponding X4 PCI-E, X8 or X16 slot, install the appropriate driver, you can use;
    4 plug and plug optical fiber module
    Can plug in a multi Gigabit module FS-0850-A05, Gigabit single-mode module FS-1310-A20;
    5 good components
    Fly merrik good layout card, to ensure the full page simple and elegant atmosphere, all the components used in all regular original materials, power chip power supply all the United States TI, LTC, to ensure the stability of power supply.
    Product name 10001PF for network type fly merrik Gigabit Ethernet
    Transmission rate 1000Mbps master chip Intel 8785023 trillion and 705 billion 161 million 793 thousand and 536 Ethernet chipset
    Bus type PCI-E network standard IEEE 802.3
    Cable interface type SFP socket transmission medium type Lc optical fiber, comply with the 62.5/50 MMF micron
    Full duplex / half duplex full duplex / half duplex adaptive domain server
    Other parameters
    The main application environment: backbone network, operators room, Internet cafes, etc.
    Other features support PCI-E hot plug and plug and play standard specification;
    Support remote boot;
    Intel I/OAT technology, fast data, receiver side scaling;
    Terminal to the terminal cable security, onboard management functions;
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