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  • Server network card
    Date:2015-12-17 Views:1464

    Zhongguancun online Guangzhou Office) IntelEXPI9402PT is a suitable server field dual port Gigabit Ethernet card, it uses Intel 82571EB Gigabit Ethernet controller can enable two Gigabit connections in a single adapter, thereby increasing the server bandwidth, solve the problem of limited number of slots. At present, the Gigabit Ethernet network card is a business, Guangzhou, the computer science and Technology Co., Ltd., special promotions, the price is only 829 yuan.
    Dual port server network card EXPI9402PT Intel Pro
    IntelEXPI9402PT not only can increase the performance of multi port Gigabit Ethernet, but also can save the valuable Express PCI server socket. In the 5 kind of line network environment, PCIe has the special input / output (I/O) bandwidth which can guarantee the priority of the Gigabit Ethernet connections, and will not take the bus. IntelEXPI9402PT is designed to perform excellent performance in a multi processor system, and it can effectively balance the network load among multiple central processing units (CPU) when combined with the use of I/O devices in the receiving end of a Microsoft or Linux system.
    Application network type Gigabit Ethernet transmission rate 10/100/1000Mbps
    Bus type PCI-E network standard 802.3ab IEEE
    Cable interface type RJ-45*2 transmission medium type 5 to 4 class UTP
    The remote wake-up function supports full duplex / half duplex duplex / half duplex adaptive、
    Application domain server main chip 82571GB Intel
    IntelEXPI9402PT with 10/100/1000Mbps self configuration feature, which can be compatible with different speed of network equipment, it also supports Intel PRO can install and Device Manager Microsoft new Intel PROSet utility, with the help of the program, users can easily configure and manage all of the Intel PRO network connection, and access to excellent connectivity.

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